World’s [Second] Best Father

World’s [Second] Best Father

Washington, D.C. father and photographer Dave Engledow has created, with help from his wife Jen, an amazing and funny World’s Best Father photo series where he portrays a clueless, sleep-deprived and unsafe Dad to his adorable daughter Alice Bee, which is the type of father that he never plans to be.

A Fresh Start: What’s Your Next Step?

Do you know the best thing about life? The ability to start fresh. This obviously applies to lots of areas.. but right now I’m talking about my 30 day exercise challenge.

After some kind of bacteria/virus took over my body for the past 5 days, I was couch-ridden and couldn’t exercise for several reasons, including but not limited to (1) my head felt like a big balloon (2) I couldn’t breathe (3) getting up and going to work required all of my energy.

The number one sign of my recovery? I actually care what I look like when going out of the house! I can sleep at night without Nyquil! I craved a latte! So today I’ve given myself the all clear to start again.

Starting a new habit, or giving up an old one, isn’t an all-or-nothing deal in the sense that if you fail once, you’re doomed. Nothing depends on that one decision you made to fall back. EVERYTHING depends on what your next step is going to be.

Are you going to give up because of one (or two) missteps? Or are you more determined than ever to stand up, admit your mistake and continue to be a better person? Don’t dwell on past mistakes. But accept your failings and vow to try harder next time.