barre3 Brain Dump – Part 1


What a whirlwind the past several days have been. I returned from barre3 instructor training in Seattle yesterday. The experience was life-changing. I got to meet a ton of cool, fun, inspiring women AND learn even more about a place I’d already fallen in love with.

The result? A great network of ladies and learning more about the barre3 way of life. It was a breath of fresh air to see that this company is everything it paints itself to be. The people are authentic, caring and nurturing. To hear our trainers speak about it in such a genuine way was heartwarming.

I have a million other things to say about how amazing this experience was mentally. However, before I get too far into that (which I’ll save for Part 2 of my barre3 brain dump!) I’d like to share some knowledge about the physical benefits of barre3. Christa, one of our two trainers from the weekend, is a former dancer turned physical therapist. She taught us a ton about anatomy and the way barre3 helps align your body.

I was obviously aware that it was a good workout (helloooo toned arms & booty!) but it was interesting to read the “why.” Christa was busy taking the above picture- but you can check out her blog post to (1) see a lovely picture of her and (2) read all about the physical benefits of barre3.