Final Thoughts on the 7 Day Body Blast

My life feels less chaotic now that I’m not trying to squeeze in teaching and taking a barre3 class, a full-time job and planning meals to a tee in a 24-hour day. But it was a great kick in the rear while it lasted! It reminded me that planning ahead is important and going into the studio for a class always feels good after a tough day. I’m still feeling great and will continue to use a lot of the 7 Day Body Blast recipes. They were that good.

It was great connecting with the other instructors and clients on ways to overcome and deal with challenges. We shared our struggles and what we loved about our days, in addition to swapping recipes.

After seven days, my seven biggest realizations include:

  1. My unhealthy Saturday looked a lot like my non-body blasting healthy days.
  2. My husband and I both love kale. And butternut squash smoothies.
  3. The barre3 community is unbelievably supportive.
  4. My body can’t talk to me, so a migraine is its way of telling me to take it easy.
  5. Turning leftover vegetables into vegetable soup is a breeze.
  6. Planning and prepping meals on Sunday is the key to weekday success.
  7. This quote: “If you’re not willing to eat a vegetable, it’s not hunger. It’s a craving.”

I loved this challenge because it reinforced that I am in control of my body. We all are. How I look is mostly because of what I eat. I always knew this but it wasn’t until I turned to a completely clean and healthy diet that I realized how true it was. Your body is ultimately made in the kitchen, not the gym. I give credit to 75 percent of Pinterest users for that quote, by the way.

I documented this journey to serve as a reminder that I’m strong and in control, and so I have something to return to when I want to do the challenge again. If you’re embarking on your own body blast journey, I’d love to hear about it!

And as promised, here is my meal plan and an easy-to-print grocery list:


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