Let Faith Be Bigger Than Fear

As I continue to watch television and listen to the radio, my heart gets heavier. Even on a “normal” week I have trouble watching the evening news. I have made a rule that the only time the news is on is in the morning. I have a difficult time not personalizing the sad and tragic stories. “What if that happened to me?” “What if that was my family?” “What would I do?” It’s what keeps me awake at night.

But this week isn’t about me and my anxieties. It’s a selfish thing to sit here and say I’m devastated by what happened and continue down the trail of “what if someone I knew was there…” As a human being I am sad. I can try to empathize with others who actually experienced the loss, the personal pain or the injury to someone close to them. But try as I might, I never could. As much as this “personally” affects me as a U.S. citizen, it doesn’t even touch what others are going through. The pain of losing a child, a sister, a parent. So this time, it’s not about me and the “what ifs.”

I’ll continue to pray for those who were personally affected by this week’s events and put my own fears aside, honoring those mourning tangible, real losses.



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