Not-So-Lazy Sunday

After a busy few months, I was happy to fill my Sunday with things I love. I started the day with a free barre3 class taught by Courtney at Athleta with several of my close lady friends. It was really sweaty, but really fun! Easton Town Center is quiet on Sunday mornings and it was nice to avoid the chaos usually surrounding the area.

photo 2 (15)

Getting our upright core workout on.

After class it was time to hit the ground running. Later that day, I was hosting a Wildtree freezer meal workshop. Backing up a bit: my friend, Annie, is a rep for the company. I’m always weary of direct sales parties but the company’s founder is someone I can relate to and their products are free of preservatives, additives and fillers.

I decided to a host a party where each guest purchases a $79 Wildtree spice and oil kit, then buys and preps their meats and a few veggies in advance of the get together. You come to the workshop and finish preparing your meals (ranging from 10-20 depending on your family size) with the help of Annie and a few glasses of wine.

Three of us decided to head to Costco together to make a bulk meat purchase, which I absolutely recommend. It’s a LOT of meat. We were excited we made it out of there.

photo 1 (12)

$400 in meat later…

We went back to my house to prep before the party. Between the three of us it took 1.5 hours, which included separating the meat, chopping it and putting it into the correct meal bag.

Everyone came over around 6:30 p.m. with their cooler of freezer bags and chopped meats. We caught up for a bit and ate some snacks Annie brought over, as well as a few I prepared, then we got down to business. Since none of us have kids we decided to split the meals in half and prepared 20 of them. During the party we worked to add the additional ingredients to our prepped bags, including the oil and spices. After that, everyone packed their coolers and rushed home to get their creations in their own freezer!


Spices and oil. Picture courtesy of Organize 365.

Overall, the workshop was really helpful. Annie did a great job of answering questions and walking us through the steps. I have 20 “fresh frozen” meals in my freezer and can’t wait to try them out. I’m making a Cajun Shrimp Pasta tonight.

I would love to do this once every few months. It’s nice knowing I just need to cook a side of rice or steam some veggies to go alongside my meal after a long day at work or a weekend away from home. I think most of us even feel comfortable enough to do it on our own without a Wildtree rep.

Also, while it might seem expensive purchasing everything for 20 meals at once, the cost breaks down to approximately $2.50/serving. It’s way less than I would spend at the grocery store on a normal basis, and the time-saving element makes it even more affordable.

Now onto taste-testing!