Knock-Me-Off-My-Feet Virus vs. barre3 Fall Challenge

Knock-Me-Off-My-Feet┬áVirus – 1; barre3 Fall Challenge – 0.

Let me backtrack. It’s been a month (!) since I started the barre3 Fall Challenge. I started strong but ┬áhit a wall when I was knocked out by a virus, leaving me sore, weak and voiceless. I couldn’t teach, let alone take, a barre3 class for 1.5 weeks mid-challenge. Needless to say I was majorly bummed. I’ve been slowly easing my way back into workouts since then.

So much for a successful challenge, right?

For the most part I was able to stick with the nutrition component so maybe I’m not giving myself enough credit. It worked out well that there are so many barre3 soup recipes to choose from! I also stopped eating out for lunch and my dinner recipes made great lunch leftovers. My favorites? The Red Bean Quinoa Chili, Pork Lettuce Wraps and Warm Kale Salad. If you don’t have the barre3 app or an online subscription, you should immediately do that. Those recipes alone make it worth it!

My new goal will be to start working out regularly again, teaching three times/week and heading into the studio for my own classes four times/week. Wish me luck as I finish off November with a renewed energy (and immune system.)

35 Things [I Want My Future Daughter to Know] About Girlfriends

While I don’t have a daughter yet, I do have a growing number of little ones coming into my life through my family and friends. This blog post reminded me how thankful I am to have them.

We’ve seen each other at our worst and at our best, and have loved each other through it all. They’re a part of my family and of the person I am today.

If one day I’m lucky enough to have my own daughter, I hope she finds friends as loyal as the ones I’ve grown up with. Here’s to 20+ more years of friendship, ladies.

35 Things I Want My Future Daughter to Know About Girlfriends

Friends1 Friends4 Friends2 Friends5 Friends7 Friends8 Friends6


New Beginnings

After a ton of hard work and help from family and friends, Rob and I are finally [somewhat] settled in our new home. I can’t even begin to say thank you!

This is our FIRST house and the biggest financial purchase we’ve made thus far. My favorite spot is the wooded backyard, where I’ll be spending many Sunday mornings enjoying a big mug of coffee.


We had a smooth buying process, thanks in huge part to Tom Farwick, our realtor, and a thoughtful, caring seller. Moving can be stressful but a solid support system makes everything easier.

I’m excited to continue this big adventure and intend to make the most of every second. Especially those that will bring a laugh in the future… like the time Rob spent half his Sunday battling a faulty lawn mower with the help of our two [awesome] neighbors. Ha!