7 Day Body Blast – Day 3

I felt a little lighter as I bounced out of bed this morning. I hopped on the scale to see if I was just imagining things (after all, it was only 5 a.m. so it was quite possible I was still half-asleep). Much to my surprise, I weighed a full two pounds less than I did on Monday morning. Why does this excite me? Because I can officially say that you can look at my driver’s license and not call me a liar!

While I was always so close, I haven’t actually hit my “license” weight since I literally got my license.  Losing weight isn’t a huge concern of mine, but it’s comforting to know that by feeding my body the right kinds of food, my weight regulates and falls to where it ideally should be. I’m more concerned with the overall muscle tone and strength of my body, so the two pound weight-loss wasn’t a huge deal for me. But I’d be fibbing if I said it wasn’t a little bit of extra motivation!

I started the day by teaching a 6 a.m. barre3 class. I love early morning classes. This is the time I would regularly go as a client and it sets my mood for the entire day. Strength, balance and a feeling of calm. I’ll be heading into the studio again later this evening to get my actual workout in with Whitney. Isn’t it just lovely?

Studio 2

Onto my meals for the day. I had two energy bites and the dreaded morning elixir before teaching. Before work I made myself a Butternut Squash and Cherries smoothie to go. I had a lot of leftover ingredients and it was delicious, so why not have it two days in a row? I pretended to be a master chef and made it without looking at the recipe. My first go around was way too watery. But the best thing about smoothies? If the taste is off, just throw it back in the blender, add a few more ingredients (cherries and another date), blend and voila! Good as new.

For lunch I went to Market 65 for a salad. This place is one of my favorites. All of their ingredients are local and you watch as they cut the fresh veggies for you. I watched them scoop out an avocado for me. This isn’t a chain but if you work in the downtown Columbus-area I highly recommend checking it out. Today my salad consisted of a romaine/spinach mix, avocado, garbanzo beans, black beans, corn and lemon juice/olive oil as the dressing.


I felt a little light-headed yesterday halfway through the afternoon so in case that happens again, I bought a Bolthouse Farms Berry Boost Smoothie to keep on-hand. For dinner I’m going to be boring again and eat the last of my White Bean and Kale soup. I promise to branch out a little bit more tomorrow. I’ve heard good things about the Sneaky Greens smoothie and the Gingered Carrot soup so maybe those will be added to the menu.

If you have any awesome recipes for smoothies, soups or salads, send them my way. Otherwise, have a happy first day of spring!