How to Deal with People Who Frustrate You

How to Deal with Frustrating People

“Insisting the other person (their bad driving or selfish attitude) is the sole cause of your frustration results in (a) your continued frustration at the whim of others, and (b) the situation not turning out better for you next time.

To habitually regard yourself as the knower – the wiser one — in each of these run-ins is to cling to an unenforceable rule that states, “Other people must always behave in ways that make sense to me and are sympathetic to my needs.”“

Always Be Thankful

Always Be Thankful

Mondays can seem like the worst thing ever after an extended holiday weekend with friends and family. However, I realize I can be thankful for one thing: getting back to my normal eating and workout routine! Groceries are bought for the week and my exercise schedule is set.

Also, I should mention I’m thankful for falling asleep while trying to watch Liz and Dick last night. You will never hear me utter the words “But she’s a good actress…” again. Promise!