Foodie February


New month, new resolution: welcome to Foodie February!

Before I go all ‘out with the old, in with the new,’ here’s what I have leftover from January:

  1. Donate used books to a local library (in progress… I have A LOT of books!)
  2. Donate blood (scheduled for Feb. 22)
  3. Send flowers to a local nursing home (will do this month)

My resolution word for February was nourish. But Foodie February sounds MUCH more fun. First, some background:

I’m almost finished with the barre3 28 to Great and it has done wonders for my relationship with food. I’ve mostly stayed away from gluten, though not completely, and have been eating a lot of chicken, beef, rice and veggies.

I need to mention that I now make my own GRANOLA BARS! I’m a huge granola bar advocate (is that a thing?) Who has time to make breakfast before a 6 a.m. workout? Not me. Now I control everything in my go-to breakfast.

The result of this challenge? I feel more energized and overall healthy, and I’ve lost three pounds. I never felt hungry or deprived. The barre3 recipes are delicious and as long as you follow the general rules for the portion prescription, it’s easy to adapt into other meal ideas.

The 28 to Great challenge has shaped the way I’m going to face February. I want to try new things and experiment, while not forsaking the nutritional aspect of my meals. My goals are to:

  1. Continue “nourishing” myself via the 28 to Great food guide
  2. Explore one new restaurant per week for healthy (see #1) food options
  3. Challenge myself to cook four new dishes at home
  4. Grocery shop and food prep on the weekend for the week ahead
  5. Support local stores by visiting one new non-chain coffee shop per week

I’m sticking with five items this month in hopes I’ll get to accomplish every single one of them (and carry them into March!) I’m looking forward to hearing some great new recipes and ideas.