May Resolution: Pray

May’s resolution came at a very appropriate time. Recently I’ve felt a little beaten down. Turning on the news is enough to make you believe the world is going a little crazy. Pair that with the minor health issues I’ve been experiencing and it’s been a painful few weeks. I’ve had a hard time doing just about anything (eating, sleeping, exercising, working, etc…) 

I have felt completely helpless. A little more faith is exactly what I need. Actually heading to church to pray on Sundays is one thing, but my May resolution will extend beyond that. I want it to touch every part of my life throughout the week.

I’m going to focus on letting go of anxieties and the things I can’t change. I need to accept and trust that the world works in mysterious ways that I may not understand right now. While it will be important to pray on things that I don’t have any power over, it will be equally important to give thanks for all the good in my life. And there’s a lot of it!

I always immediately try to fix anything that’s wrong (with me or otherwise). I think that I possess the power to stop the bad things from happening and make everything better. You can imagine this doesn’t always work out in my favor, which has been especially evident recently. My goal is to become more aware of letting go of the things I can’t change. I’m going to accept the fact that maybe I can’t feel okay all the time, and that placing my faith somewhere outside of myself is okay. And sometimes, necessary.